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Thursdays 10am & 1pm: Pilates

This class is led by Tamar Swade, part of the 60+ programme at HNCC was moved during building works to Harry Rice Hall. During the coronavirus lockdown, the class continued online and has now re-opened in-person at St Anne's Church, 106 Highgate West Hill, London N6 6AP but has also continued online from 1.05pm.

Pilates - named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, a German who migrated to the USA in the early 1900s - is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. There is an emphasis on the core, but all areas of the body are worked, with slow, precise movements and breath control. Tamar asks which areas of the body we would particularly like to work on in this session. We begin with standing warm-up exercises, then go down on the mats, and are guided through a range of floor exercises, resting whenever we need to.

For details of current arrangements and booking, please Contact Us and we will forward your message to Tamar.