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This website was inspired by the need to support continuity of the 60+ exercise classes at HNCC, which were not well described on the community centre's main website - - as they were tucked away on a page for the 75+ Project. This has now become the Wellbeing Cafe and the three remaining 60+ classes are listed separately on HNCC'S Project Page.

In the absence of clearly accessible information, we developed a Timetable, and a flyer showing Key Contacts and we will do our best to keep both updated as things evolve, The Activities shown on this website may include classes which are now being run independently of HNCC - and in due course we may be able to include more, as they come to our notice. We have also developed a News List to enable centre users to keep in touch. If you would like to be involved or need further information please go to: Contact Us.

In case you are not familiar with the original HNCC community centre, here is a view of the main building, which had many rooms used for a variety of projects, some independent and simply hiring room sin the centre, including Therapy, Lunches and Art Classes. Because of the planned demolition and rebuilding project, the building is mostly out of use since 1st March 2019 onwards.

The view below, looking across from the Fresh Youth Academy shows the large hall, a fully-equipped gymnasium (next to the woodwork studio, which used to house the under five's space) where we used to hold classes when the People's Gospel Mission Hall (see picture below) was unavailable.

The People's Gospel Mission Hall used to be an independent venue, but became part of HNCC and was handed over to Camden Council in 2014 and incorporated in the Fresh Youth Academy. The campaign to prevent redevelopment of the Bertram Street site failed when planning permission was granted by Camden Council on Thursday 14th February 2019. A new campaign to save the PGMH, which is off-site - on Winscombe Street - and destined to be turned into two town houses was launched on the same day.

For further details see main pages and postings under relevant Category.