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Some light has been cast on the future planning for reinstatement of the Community Centre, which used to serve a wide-reaching area offering low-cost communal lunches exercise classes for the over-60s, some of whom have been wondering when we are going to get our centre back.

The architectural plans for the site development had the new community centre as an integral part of the building, which was designed to provide high-value accommodation for sale on the open market. Logistically, the new community centre will inevitable prioritise providing services to local residents.

However, as the building process nears completion, funding has now become available from central government for the accommodation to be made available to Afghan Refugees, enabling them to be moved from expensive hotels to proper homes. See Richard Osley's article in the Camden New Journal, dated 5th March 2023:

The article quotes Andrew Sanalitro, director of the HNCC, as saying: “Our community centre and partners will be delighted to welcome the new residents into the heart of our community and to involve them in our programme of activity in any ways that can support them to settle and thrive. “This will be an exciting and positive development for our neighbourhood.”