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Mondays 11.30am: Chi Kung

Originally part of HNCC's 60+ programme, in anticipation of the centre's redevelopment, this class, led by Leanne Finn-Davis was found a new home at Kentish Town Community Centre but this proved not to be viable partly because of its distance from HNCC's catchment area, so has now been combined with Leanne's existing drop-in class (£7 for each session) at West Hampstead Community Centre, 17 Dornfell St, West Hampstead, London NW6 1QN, nearest tube Hampstead, on the Northern Line Edgware Branch.

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese practice that underlies all the Chinese martial arts, including Tai Chi. It is slow and gentle, but also very strengthening. It is great for balance and posture, keeping the joints supple and all the organs of the body healthy; heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen and digestive system. Chi kung is practised standing or if you prefer, sitting in a chair for all or part of the session.

As well as all these physical benefits, the practice also calms the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. With a calmer body and mind energy begins to flow, and so fatigue and depression take less of a hold, making way for more aliveness and clearer thinking.

Please do contact the tutor, Leanne, if you have any questions or just drop in for a free taster class.
See POSTER: Leanne Finn-Davis • 07931 596 726 •

Now that this class has relaunched as an independent activity, donations have to cover rent at KTCC as well at the tutor fee, and currently, Leanne is requesting a donation in the range £5 to £8 for each class.